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MaaS Market, concept to delivery

Our international MaaS Market events are for all organisations exploring new ways of getting people to their destination and new ways for them to pay for transport services. This year’s conferences in Europe and the USA will focus on taking the exciting new developments in Mobility as a Service from theory to practical delivery.

They will bring together international and local thought-leaders to try and make sense of this rapidly changing landscape Interest in Mobility as a Service is reaching unprecedented heights as a growing number of governments and communities look for new ways to deal with transportation crises in both urban and rural areas alike.

The economic impact of severe congestion and poor connectivity, along with increasing concerns at the health of citizens living in areas of dangerous air quality are creating huge pressure for change. The potential is being underlined by technologies that are creating new business models and new ways for authorities to regulate and organise transport provision.

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Come and join us and be part of the MaaS Market movement and fast-moving and exciting developments in public and private transport worldwide.